Stone carpet cleaning

Stone carpet cleaning

Professional stone carpet cleaning services. Natural stone carpets are a resin floor that brings elegance to any space. This type of floors can be used for all types of outdoor and indoor surfaces. Stone carpets are used for flooring around summer houses, also inside these, swimming pool surrounds, as garden paths, on balconies, garage driveways, access ramps, inside your home, church flooring, tree pits, patios, conservatories, playgrounds, roof terraces.
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Natural stone carpet floors are of porous nature, so naturally they are warm. In comparison to a timber floor, they have the same heat ratings. For example, in a room with a temperature of 20°C, a Natural Stone Carpet will have an average temperature of 14 to 15°C, which is very comfortable.

It’s a structured floor finish as opposed to a slab finish. And they are also very durable – they don’t mark easily and don’t chip.

There are various types of natural stone carpet floors, such as quartz carpet, marble carpet, or mortar floor.

The quartz carpet is made of 2 to 3 mm natural river quartz granules. These stones are sourced from river beds throughout Europe and are screened multiple times for size, shape and quality to create a mix that provides a balance for application, aesthetics and maintenance. The quartz can then be dyed in over two hundred shades of colour and any colour can be achieved using the RAL system. These stones are then mixed on site with an epoxy resin and are subsequently processed by our professional floor fitters into a level and seamless floor. The floors are then left to set for 24 hours, it is then sealed to ensure that the finish is low maintenance.

The marble carpet looks very similar to a modern version of Terrazzo. This floor has warmth to it and it adapts to the surrounding pleasant temperature. It is also ideal for use with under floor heating due to its structured nature. Same as the quartz carpet, the particles of Marble are then mixed with a resin to form the basis for your floor. After 24 hours the floor is then sealed to create a low maintenance floor finish.

A Mortar Floor is a seamless flooring system, consisting of quartz sand and resin as binder and intended to withstand very high mechanical loads. It is also resistant to particular chemical loads. The system is made up from various different sizes of granules, so that the final structure when sealed is 100% waterproof. This type of floor is very suitable for factory halls where there is much traffic or where there is heavy ‘pedestrian traffic’ such as corridors in supermarkets and public buildings.

Properties of natural stone carpet

– Solvent and V.O.C free

– High scratch resistance

– Colour-fast

– Excellent heat retention properties

– Compatible with under floor heating

We are specialised in cleaning any type of natural stone carpet cleaning and we guarantee the best results. All our customers are delighted with our services and recommend us further. If you need your floors cleaned don’t hesitate to get in touch by calling 089 207 2082



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