Mattress cleaning

Mattress cleaning

We spend a third of our lives in bed sleeping, so mattress cleaning should be an important part of our cleaning routine. At Happy Clean we only use ECO friendly professional products and powerful machines. Very few people know that mattress cleaning is even an option and they just throw the mattresses to the skip. Or even worse, they sleep on them for years as they can’t afford a new one. Mattress cleaning is an affordable way of prolonging your mattress life and improving the quality of your sleep!

What are the benefits of mattress cleaning?

Firstly, it’s a lot more cost effective to clean your mattress rather than buy a new one. Especially if you have an expensive one! Mattress cleaning is done mainly for sanitary purposes, not visual as some stains may be permanent. However, we are successful in most cases, so there is a good chance that your mattress will look like new after the cleaning.

Secondly, cleaning your mattress helps keeping healthy indoor air quality in your bedroom. A professional cleaning will remove all bacteria, debris and allergens from your mattress. A poor air quality will cause allergies and bad health so this is an inexpensive way of improving it.

Last but not least, a good hygiene in your bedroom will give you piece of mind and a good night sleep.

How we clean your mattress

After making an appointment with one of our agents, our cleaning technician will be at your house on the day and time set. First, he will inspect your mattress. Then vacuum clean it, treat the stains, clean, rinse and deodorise. Average drying time is 10-12 hours per side. So if you have a reversible mattress and need both sides cleaned and sanitised you will need a spare bed.

We offer both residential and commercial mattress cleaning services in all Dublin area and surrounding counties. All our technicians are fully insured and professionally trained! We are available 24/7 and our agents will be happy to answer all your questions and help you make an appointment.



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