Leather Sofa Cleaning Dublin

Leather sofas bring a touch of luxury to your house.

They are extremely popular especially for homes with pets and children as they are easier to keep clean than fabric sofas.

Good quality leather sofas can last up to three times more than a fabric sofa!
If you’re unsure whether to buy a leather or a fabric suite, there are lots of factors to consider, based on your needs. Also, if you decide to get a leather sofa, there are a variety of types to pick from. While a pigmented leather will last longer and it’s easy to clean, the aniline leather feels a lot softer but it’s very difficult to maintain.
One of the most common mistakes people do is cleaning their leather sofas with baby wipes. While they are great for babies they can be very harmful for sofas. In time, the protective layer will be removed from the sofa and the leather will crack or peel. We recommend buying a leather cleaning professional product and only use that for wiping it off regularly. Once a year, you should call a professional to clean your leather suite.

How we clean your leather sofa

Our technicians are fully insured and professionally trained for dealing with leather cleaning. We always pre-test on the back of your sofa to make sure the product will not harm it. The cleaning is done manually with a special soft brush and professional leather cleaning foam. After all the dirt is removed, we will apply a moisturising treatment that will hydrate and rejuvenate the leather. The cleaning takes around 2-3 hours and it’s done in your home!

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